Hi, I'm Stéphanie...

a Systems Lover, Bookkeeper, and Apps Enthusiast.

I work with small businesses to not only help make sense of the bookkeeping side of business, but to also introduce new workflows, systems, and solutions.  My goal is to eliminate pain points and free up valuable time so that you can work ON your business instead of IN your business!

Bookkeeping Services Offered

File Review

If something’s not quite right with your data,
let’s review and fix!

File Cleanup

Need expert help cleaning up your bookkeeping data? No problem!

Ongoing Support

Monthly bookkeeping, at your service.

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Good Words

“Stephanie is always prompt and efficient with all the pertinent info. I’d
certainly recommend Stephanie! She’s always on top of what’s needed
each month and looks out for me with
late paying invoices!”

Roger B., Brooks Video Production & Lighting

Brooks Video Production & Lighting

“Stephanie and her team are wonderful, smart, patient, professional, and life-savers! In working together, we got peace of mind, our books in order and up to date, and we were able to confidently send our financial data to our accountant to get our taxes done. We also have a better understanding of how to properly handle accounting tasks…and so much more! You are kind and patient and really GET small, creative women-owned businesses.”

Stefani H. & Janet H., The Essential Website

The Essential Website

“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating on several projects with Stephanie and she is the BEST!  Super organized, attentive to all the details and with a flair for efficiency.  She is kind, patient and really cares about her clients and their businesses.  Let her take care of the behind-the-scenes while you grow your business!”

Lisa G., LisaGalletti.com

Lisa Galletti

Stéphanie understands creative services in general and video production in particular. I would recommend her to any small business owner looking for help. She is efficient, organized, and I appreciate her hard work!”

Dave H., iFilm Productions

iFilm Productions

“Stéphanie understands the needs of the business and found several options with a variety of capabilities to meet these needs. She is very diligent with her work and always keeps me in the loop throughout the process.”

Kenny C., Earth Galley Farms

Earth Galley Farms

“Stéphanie has helped me immensely with the ins/outs of running a small business. She’s an entrepreneur, a mama, and an all-around awesome person full of inspiration and great ideas. Running a business can feel overwhelming at times, but she’s always there with a quick pick me up or useful advice.”

Ava L.H., Writer & Storyteller

Ava Love Hanna

“Honest and competent, and always available to answer questions. You rock!”

Bob A., Brazos Natural Foods

Brazos Natural Foods