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Play: Simple & Creative Activities to Inspire and Engage was born out of a wish to share a bit of inspiration to those with children—parents and the amazing grandparents that lend a helping hand—and anyone working with or spending time with children, such as babysitters and teachers. 


As a homeschooling family, we’ve met parents that have inspired us to embrace simple, thoughtful, and fun activities. 


In our home, engaging in simple activities together with our children has become an invitation to play more. 


These tiny yet significant experiences take me back to a time and place where I could just be and enjoy myself without bounds—all while letting go of the stressors of work obligations, bills, to-dos, and the list goes on. 


Play: Simple & Creative Activities to Inspire and Engage encourages readers to embrace simple activities that are affordable and require little to no prep time or equipment.


Putting these activities together in a book is an extension of our daily life and values. I have done all the activities with my kids, and with much enjoyment. 


After reading Play, you’ll feel confident and motivated to explore the world of simple play in your own special way. I invite you to deepen the joy of all the wonderful treasures our world gifts us. 


Where can you find a moment to play today? 


And, if you’re not sure where to start just yet, you can download a few pages of Play for free by signing up below.





Play—a pocket guide of simple & creative activities—is best for:


– homeschooling families 

– non-homeschooling families 

– babysitters 

– teachers 

– adults

– teens 

– kids 

– toddlers 

– everyone. 


If you’re open to exploring more play in your world, you’ll find much enjoyment in all the activities listed in the book.


Today, make a little room for play in your life. Let loose. Let go. And enjoy!



I can’t complete this article without noting that the journey to create Play wasn’t a solo one. With the extraordinary support of a tight-knit community created by Lindsey Smith and Alexandra Franzen, I could accomplish each piece of self-publishing my first book.

Lindsey & Alex thoughtfully designed a course, The Tiny Book Course, which is the catalyst for bringing so many wonderful, inspiring books to life—and from all over the world.


If you’d like to purchase Play: Simple & Creative Activities to Inspire and Engage, you can do so here.