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Simple & Budget Friendly Last-second Homemade Gifts

Simple & Budget Friendly Last-second Homemade Gifts

If you’re finding yourself not exactly prepared for gift-giving on most occasions, but want to give your loved one’s something special—there are simple and affordable homemade gifts that you can make on a small budget and at the last second.


For the holidays this year (and, I definitely suspect in future years!) we went all homemade with the gifts we shared. And it’s absolutely been the most rewarding holiday season in recent years. 


Making these gifts is fun and gratifying.


Before, the holidays felt stressful, fast-paced, and far out of budget for us to give to all the people we wanted. And all that combined doesn’t align with how we want the experience of giving to be and feel. 


Budget is a factor for so many of us during the holidays, and if you don’t have the funds ready to purchase big, expensive gifts, it can put a strain on you that lasts much longer than the holiday season. I don’t think that our loved one’s want us to put such financial stress on ourselves for the sake of stuff. 


That’s why this year we took the all homemade route. It put a different intention into the art of gift-giving and made things more of an experience—rather than simply buying a bunch of things we hope people will like.


So here are a few simple, meaningful gifts that you can easily make at the last-second. These are presents I plan to have handy year-round to give to others for any occasion or just because! 


My favorite last-second homemade gifts are—recipes & resources below:

– Essential Oil Blend Room (or Car) Spray 

– Calming Bath Salts

– Resin Art

Essential Oil Blend Room (or Car) Spray

Homemade Room Spray Stephanie McGuirt



1 Tbsp Rubbing Alcohol (Vodka or Witch Hazel)

20-30 Drops Essential Oils (Use your favorite blend, combine singles, or go with one scent)

4 oz Amber Glass Spray Bottle



Using a funnel, pour alcohol into the bottle. (The alcohol helps to dissolve the oils in the mixture.)

Next, pour in essential oils. (We use Revive Essential Oils for aromatherapeutic use.)

Swirl gently to combine.

Finally, fill the rest of the bottle with water.

Seal your bottle with the spray top. And you’re done! Shake well before each spray.



Calming Bath Salts

Homemade Bath Salts Stephanie McGuirt


Mason Jar (Use any size you’d like. We go with the 8 oz size for a single-use bath salt.)

Epsom Salt

Baking Soda

20 Drops Essential Oils (Use your favorite blend, combine singles, or go with one scent)


Fill half the jar with Epsom salt and the other half with baking soda. 

Once you have the jar’s quantity measured, pour it into a mixing bowl. Combine well.

Add your essential oils. 

Refill the jar and seal. Now gift away—or keep it in the bathroom for yourself!



Resin Art

Resin Art Stephanie McGuirt

There’s so much you can do with resin. Once you get a hang of working with the materials, you can create just about anything. 


I use a mold similar to this one to create coasters for mugs, cups, plants, or as a decorative piece. 


Here’s a good quality resin I’ve had luck using. And my favorite colors that are vibrant and easy to work with.


Getting to know resin opens up an entire world of possibilities for unique pieces that you can gift.


I’ll also experiment with beeswax candles and body butter to include on our list of homemade goodies. And I’ll keep the room spray, bath salts, and resin pieces handy too—those were all big hits!


So if you’re finding yourself stressed out this time of year—and every year during the holidays—take a step back and think about what this season means to you and how you want to feel…how do YOU want to experience these moments?


Where can you simplify?


What can you let go of to create more space to invite in something that feels better for you?


These wonderful little experiences of making gifts for others are a beautiful way to end the year and fully embrace the magic of this time. Enjoy giving with love!