Resources to help with the behind-the-scenes.


Here is my growing list of favorite business apps, extensions & resources. 

Everything listed here is something I genuinely love and use or reference a lot. And, yes, there are some affiliate links below.

Try one, a few, or all of these to help the behind-the-scenes run smoothly and efficiently!

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Let’s get started!


  1. QuickBooks Online - Surprised?! Yep, I manage my bookkeeping as well as my clients' bookkeeping in my go-to accounting software, Quickbooks Online.
  2. Ynab - My favorite personal budgeting tool. Make sure you know where every dollar is going! (Get a free month of YNAB when you sign up using my referral link!)


  1. Adobe DC - Easy to use document + eSignature software with bank-level security for signing applications, contracts, and other docs. 
  2. - Because, long links, why?
  3. Calendly - An excellent appointment scheduling software—simply and beautifully designed, easy to set up, and use!
  4. Gmelius - Time Mag calls this “Gmail on steroids”. Yeah, that sounds about right. This extension brings straight up superpowers to your inbox! With Gmelius, you’ve got a To Do list built inside your inbox, templates galore, read receipts, follow-up features, and more. If you are a heavy Gmail user, you need this!
  5. Evernote - I've used Evernote for years, but have recently started applying it more. I'm blown away by how much it can do! Evernote will make things super efficient if you put a little time into setting it up just right.
  6. GSuite - The full suite to help you collaborate and run things from virtually anywhere. Email, Docs, Drive, and more!
  7. Hubdoc - Automagically import your financial documents and bills as your bank or vendor release them. Reports can also export to the destination of your choice. Lots of great integrations here!


  1. Blue Snowball USB Microphone - Great quality budget microphone for meetings and video production.
  2. Fujitsu iX500 ScanSnap Document Scanner - Fast scanner with cloud functionality and searchable PDF creation.
  3. Logitech HD Pro Webcam - Want people to see what you really look like? You’ll need a good quality webcam first. This one is budget-friendly and offers a great HD look and lighting to your video.
  4. Pilot Retractable Premium Gel Ink Roller Ball Pens - Hands down my favorite pen!
  5. Ring Light for Camera - Small clip-on ring light for camera or laptop. I use this especially on days when I'm not getting enough natural light in my office and need to record a quick video.

Project Management

  1. Asana - My project management system of choice—Asana is a game-changer for those overwhelmed with To Do's and projects. It's the perfect tool for centralized task and project management as well as seamless collaboration with your team! I took Amy Mitchell's Asana Mini-course and learned all about setting it up, how to get the most out of it, and how to make it work for my specific needs—I highly recommend Amy's course if you're new to Asana or if you're not quite sure that you're using it to its full potential just yet.
  2. Google Sheets - If you’re a spreadsheet nerd (like me!), you can customize sheets to work perfectly for you and your team. 

Social Media

  1. Hootsuite - This helps me manage all of my social media platforms in one place. From here, I can view and engage on pretty much every platform. Huge time-saver!
  2. Later - A planning and scheduling app for Instagram. Allows you to view your grid so that you can plan out according to a theme or posting sequence.

Time-tracking / Reporting

  1. ClockShark - Time tracking at its best! Amazing customer support and great for keeping track of employee or contractor hours for many different industries.
  2. MileIQ - Mileage tracking...automated!

Virtual Team / Collaboration

  1. GSuite - Supercharge your email, collaboration, and productivity with a custom email and more from Gmail for work.
  2. Slack - Slack is a great communication tool! Perfect for those wanting to spend fewer hours in their inbox.
  3. Zoom - My go-to for virtual meetings. It's so simple to use for both hosts and participants. Easy to set up and manage sessions.

Chrome Extensions - A little bit of everything!

  1. - Easy to install and use appointment scheduler for Gmail.
  2. - Easily create a from whichever page you’re on!
  3. CheckerPlus for Google Drive - Access all of your Google Drive folders with just one-click!
  4. CheckerPlus for Google Calendar - Stay on top of your events with this handy calendar extension.
  5. Explain and Send Screenshots - Makes creating and sharing screenshots ridiculously easy!
  6. Grammarly - When you accidentally type “too” instead of “to”... Grammarly’s got your back!
  7. LastPass - A password manager that keeps your info organized and secure. If you don’t have one, you need one.
  8. Inbox When Ready - I tend to work in my inbox quite a bit throughout the day, but only check incoming mail 2x per day. How do I keep from getting distracted by new mail? With Inbox When Ready, my inbox stays locked until I unhide it. Then, I can focus on responding to new messages.
  9. Pocket - Save articles to read and share later.
  10. Text Blaze - Use custom and shortened text to replace everyday typing tasks or phrases. I cannot tell you how much times this saves me!!
  11. Toby - Keep all your tabs neatly tucked away in one tab—Pretty genius!
  12. Zoom Scheduler - If you use Zoom for virtual meetings, add this extension to your toolbox to schedule directly from Google calendar.
  13. WiseStamp - Hands down the best tool for creating dynamic and professional signatures across multiple inboxes!

Just for Fun!

  1. Airbnb - Need to get away for a bit? We use Airbnb every chance we get! Cheaper than hotels and much more comfortable experience. Get $40 in travel credit when you sign up using my referral link! 
  2. Down Dog Yoga - My go-to app for private vinyasa yoga lessons wherever I may be. Since I've started dedicating time each morning to a yoga lesson with Down Dog, I've had more energy and felt better throughout the day.
  3. Skillshare - An online learning community with tons of classes in tech, design, productivity, accounting, singing, you name it! I've greatly benefited from the courses I've taken so far. A great (free!) starter class that I recommend is Productivity Habits That Stick: Using Time Theming.