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stephanie mcguirt quickbooks and bookkeeping professional

Offering virtual and ongoing bookkeeping services as well as customized solutions based on analysis of workflows and systems.

Do you fall into one of these two categories?


You’re just starting your business and you know that you don’t want to be your own Bookkeeper.  You’re ready to outsource now!


You’ve been in business for a while and have been managing all activities, including the bookkeeping. You no longer have valuable time to “wear all the hats” and could really use a hand.

No matter which category you fall into, we'll work together so that you'll have more:

Time to spend on your business and with family instead of worrying about and managing #AllTheThings.

Freedom and the clarity needed to focus on the bigger picture.

Time and energy to not only focus on your business but also yourself—helping you find the necessary space to grow and evolve.

As a small business owner myself, I understand the time restraints and pain points many fellow business owners face. I work alongside clients to implement solutions that will give them valuable time back and release blockages in systems and workflows. In working together, we'll build solutions based on your unique needs—without using a "one size fits all" approach.

Stéphanie understands creative services in general and video production in particular. I would recommend her to any small business owner looking for help. She is efficient, organized, and I appreciate her hard work!”

Dave H., iFilm Productions

iFilm Productions

Are we a Good Fit?

We’re a good fit if:

 You’re a small business, a freelancer, or you have a side-passion that’s turning full-time.

 You’re primarily service-based.

 You’re using or plan to use QuickBooks Online.

 You already have or you’re willing to work with a Tax Preparer.

We may not be a good fit if:

 You need a full-time and on-site Bookkeeper.

 You’re not open to cloud technology and working virtually.

 You’re using an accounting software other than QuickBooks with no plans to migrate.

 You need tax help, but do not plan to work with a Tax Preparer.

Let’s get started!

Bookkeeping Services

Monthly bookkeeping at your service!

File Review
Not sure what’s going on with your file? Our 50-point review will tell us!
File Setup

There’s no better option for small businesses than QuickBooks Online. Let’s get your business online today!

File Conversion
Are you ready to move your data to QuickBooks Online? We’re your team to make that happen!

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